Name Area of Expertise Weblink
Guido Band cognitive control, cognitive enhancement, inhibition, performance monitoring, psychophysiology Contact here
Jutta Kray cognitive control, training interventions, language and hearing problems, motivation and learning, episodic memory Contact here
Louise Phillips social cognition, cognitive control, emotional skills, theory of mind, prospective memory Contact here
Ludmila Zajac-Lamparska cognitive training, transfer , executive functions, neurocognitive aging, dementia Contact here
Mike Martin semantic cognitive activity analytics, cognitive ability training, cognitive engagement, longitudinal studies of cognition, healthy aging Contact here
Ralf Krampe aging and expertise, multi-tasking, cognitive control, movement timing, movement sequencing Contact here
Stephan Getzmann neurophysiology of cognitive aging, auditory perception and language comprehension, healthy aging and work, mobility and driving, training and learning Contact here